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All tracks improvised


released April 5, 2018


all rights reserved



CENTVRY New York, New York

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Track Name: Riddled Divide (Check and Mate)
Let me tell you about the other side
the way that they start to unwind
the political agenda lies
upon the blood stained heels we cry
a misstepped observation
capitalist equation
you call it the gods creation
but instead its just a home invasion
where they kill your kids your wife your dog your life
they take your job they dough not like
what you have become what you are becoming
a free thinker that keeps people numbing
themselves with guns and does and then
the dust the drugs and don’t pretend
to follow the pharmaceutical guideline
they sell across all in your byline
but still you cannot tax the rich
you tax the poor and then they bitch
about the situations fixed
but still they have no reason to hide

Still they listen to me
They try to tell people they’re free
And do not argue or question their authority
It’s poetry written in laws
And woven into all their thoughts
Amendments constitutions cost
The bill of rights are fucking lost

A joke to anyone who’s ever held a gun
It’s joke to anyone who’s ever held a gun

And still it’s falling on deaf ears
The kings whose names they are not Lear
And all they seem to want is for the dead to appear
The bodies stacked upon our lawns
They’re just like all the losing pawns
This game is rigged and over so long
A stalemates doing it wrong

They check, and mate x8

Forever, becomes never
And forever, it becomes never

Some seem divided, and that’s all for show
A story with no riddle, becomes a boring clone
Some seem divided, and know that they’re still whole
A story without a riddle, is one that’s full of bore
Track Name: American Hatred
So much for what you wanted
They only give you what you need
In fact, I got a trumpet and a trinket
What does that mean?

And some of them apologize
And others just want more blood
And I think cleanliness is next to godliness
But they all are caked in mud

And I can see it in their eyes the evil lurks
The lizard reptile within
Cuz I know the smell of our own
For I’ve got the scaliest of skin

The smell of the dead bodies rotting on American flags
And all the worlds a stage but we’re laughing at the ones that we call mad
They say there's nothing perfect but we act like there's nothings wrong
And I got the wonderness of the words inside me all wrong

Ooohhh I can’t escape
Symptoms of American hatred
I just can’t escape it
The supreme beings of American hatred

Think you’re special because you’re rich
Found a diamond inside this ditch
Got your precious little bitch
And a golden plated sales pitch

You’re just not wild and free
American is what I need

Communist, communist
His story's hid, right underneath to lid

You’ll be next, the communist
His story isn’t hid, it’s right under the lid

Communist, you can’t resist
It really isn’t hid, it’s right under the lid

Communist, environment
It really isn’t hid, it’s right under the lid
Track Name: Marionetiquette
Never tasted so good without you
Even though I can’t tell when
The feelings gone stale
The feelings gone stale

It’s takes a good look at you
It fills the goddamn room
The air that I breathe
It doesn’t contain you

Dying alone
The feeling a home
Inside your own
Self help disowned

Into another window
I cannot be part of this
Cannot be part of this

And broken is my promise
And stained is my only shirt
And ripped are my only feelings
And brain isn’t all but hurt

And scattered inside the process
Is nothing but a catastrophe
It’s waiting to happen to both of us
By that I don’t mean you and me

I mean all
Your souls
That’s broken free
It’s coming home

And all the slaves
They’ve broken free
They’re digging graves

They say that your the reason for the torment and the struggles
And I cannot be symptom of a world with all these huddles

They’re finding out
The poison lies
Inside the rules
And golden eyes
And feelings that
They can’t describe
And chemicals
That they prescribe

They taste so goddamned sweet and soft
And then they melt into your mouth
And no one seems to bother and wonder why
It feels so good
So good

Ohhhh, Sweet to taste they left inside my mouth
When they done took my love away
It left my heart just stained from all the things I couldn’t say
Until they wrote it down
Like an epitaph on a grave
And all these beings I couldn’t save
The saliva that came away
And saying that only pressures left
The second tongue
The first and final guest
Kept inside the house decrept
It caught on fire
No nothings left
It burned away
Burned away
Burned away
Track Name: Carry On
His love
It calls you back home
Til I know, don’t know
Everyone, is a fallen star of
Heaven above

I feel so…

Wake up
Just a falling place of god
Just a figure of imagination
And broken, in too
A million pieces just like

You want me to
You want me now
You got me here
You got me alone

You want me to
You got me alone
You dragged me here
I won’t go

You noticed
When it’s gone
That what is in your grasp
You just carry on

You noticed
Only once I’m gone
While I’m in their grasp
Carry on
Track Name: Sunnah
Say now sunnah
And I get you high
A loaded gun

She got you locked up
By golden fences and
White picket love

It falls when is gone
When all you want is done

So one for all
And all for one
Except for my love

It pulls your teeth out
And leaves stuck
Strung out on the side of the road

And they want is dark
And all they got is heart

This heals me more
Than I could ever know
And she loves you
So much it never shows

And they want is dark
And all I got is a black heart
Track Name: Edge of The World
Theres a time and a place for
And a different waste of
Life as you know it
You give what you showed it's
Time to make
A break from you
And break your bones
And heart in two
A million pieces
Go in your thesis
And I got nothin left for you
Riding the beast is...

And it's all too much for you
And it's all
But I know someday we'll screw

This love is all you ever wanted
The guise you got you keep on flaunting
Around your neck my rule keeps talking
A broken record keeps on barking along
The edge of teh world
And all I got left is you girl
And I know at the edge of the world

At the edge of the world
At the edge of the world
Edge of the world
Edge of the world
The edge of the world
The edge of the world
Track Name: Change Your Ways... Or Die
My country
So change your ways
Or die

The countryside
Of precious wolves tonight
Track Name: Felt
Feel us
The fire

The finger
That fiddles
The fire

The finger

The Finger



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